a clothing + accessory line dedicated to the collection and reformation of broken umbrellas.

Puddles of love and labor go into the collection and design process.

1. The umbrellas are collected from rainy streets and waste bins, landfills, recycling sites and friends.
2. The umbrella fabric is removed from the are washed through an extensive cleaning process with natural products.
3. The fabric is then used to make clothing, hats, shoes, whatever floats.
4. The spoke ends are cut loose and worked into jewelry.
5. The handles are removed, cleaned, covered with papier mache (using recycled vintage clothing patterns) and painted into lucky wish dolls.


Melanie McClintock is a fashion designer, educator and multi-media artist. After graduating with a BFA in Fashion Design from Virginia Commonwealth University, she positioned herself for a decade within the fashion industry in San Francisco and New York to gain the experience necessary to open her own boutique, Ai Ai Gasa, in Brooklyn, NY. Upon closure in 2009, she accepted an artist residency-turned-teaching position in the fashion design department at VCUQatar in Doha, Qatar. Through this position she spearheaded and directed a two-year, cross-cultural social art program in Java, Indonesia, where she collaborated with local graffiti artists and vocational high school students to increase creativity and innovation in textiles and ceramics. She is once again living and designing in San Francisco.